I am over the moon with Joy! my latest book “For Want of 40 Pounds’-From Persecution to Perseverance-How far Would You Go For Freedom made it to BEST SELLER in 3 categories in 3 Countries..Canada, UK and USA in both Paperback and Kindle. WHOOO HOO! This book is about my father Bert Mann ( skurman) and was released on his 94th Birthday, March 18th.

It chronicles his life from when he was a boy in Vienna, escaping the Nazi’s, saving his family, his rise to executive and CEO of a major company and his loss in a major investment in his 70’s and his comeback by 80!

What a ride! He is our Patriacrch..he has 10 kids, 13 grandkids, and 4 Great grandchildren..This is his legacy and what an amazing one it is!

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