Testimonials for Frankie as a Coach






Frankie Picasso is nothing short of amazing. As my coach, she has instructed, inspired and ingrained in me the will to be unstoppable. It was always there, but I couldn’t find it…and Frankie helped me find it so I could be the best possible in both my personal and professional life. Her advice is priceless. Here delivery easy to understand and her instructions simple to follow. She is a huge part of my success.

Sandra Beck


“I always count on Frankie for refreshing insight and a bright new perspective. She passes along wisdom with such finesse, you can be celebrating a new victory before realizing her last tip was exactly right! No one looks at life with multifaceted intellect and an open heart like her. She celebrates life and everyday heroes with joyful enthusiasm.”  Cathy Krafve..Texas-based Author, Columnist, Speaker, and Radio Personality,


WOW!  What a dynamic and intelligent young lady! Frankie will definitely be my personal coach while working through the launch of my next project and probably beyond! You will be greatly rewarded if you get to know Frankie! My very best wishes for love and smiles are sent to you, Frankie! Thank you for taking time out for me, Bill Moore, England/ USA  Philanthropist

What a special lady.

Frankie is someone that I’m honoured to know. She has a compassion that exudes over the airways and a genuine interest and delight in people. She has the gift to make you feel special, important, wanted and treasured. Her strength of character is one to aspire too.

Mission Unstoppable – Frankie Unstoppable.
I highly recommend everyone to connect with Frankie.  Jo Lunn , England. The Bowen Technique


Frankie is amongst my prime examples of the law of attraction. A charismatic leader, an instigator for change, a visionary! With a vision for a better world. I can’t imagine a better person to connect with, particularly if you want to make a difference…

Ute Christopher- putting airships to work for you
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What a beautiful soul! And a fabulous example to all of us. Frankie truly lives life at a higher standard than most people and her Mission Unstoppable is a wonderfully apt way to describe her and her visi

I suggest you run, not walk, to connect with this lady and you will share some of her amazing energy.

Thank you for being you, Frankie!Mindy Gibbins-Klein The Book Midwife)

Frankie Picasso fully lives her coaching philosophies and personal values She is candid, speaks honestly and openly from her heart with not an iota of judgment in her comments. When challenging a client to move forward, Frankie has the ability to open new vistas by reframing preconceived ideas. She listens attentively and paraphrases to make certain she has received the words of her clients in the spirit that they were intended. Her ability to ask appropriately probing questions encourages her clients to review and reassess their perspectives. A great strength of Frankie’s is her ability to provide insightful feedback and support to her clients on their journey.
As a teaching staff member of ICA, Frankie has a gift for enthusing and energizing students by her positive attitude. Her brilliance lies in creating a comfortable atmosphere for all teleclass attendees to participate as much or as little as they choose. It is clear to all who attend her classes that she purely loves what she does and does it well!
Bluette L. Puchner
Purposeful Life Coaching
April 10, 2006


“It’s often difficult to find words for feelings. Frankie Picasso is an amazing woman despite some of her own huge obstacles can still find time (often in the same day!) to energise and motivate people to action. Frankie inspires an unconditional trust in her wisdom and abilities and provides a great balance of empathy, consideration and motivation. Frankie uses all these skills and qualities in her coaching to keep me on track, keep me motivated when often the goal is so far out of sight or seeming unachievable. And when life throws us off track, Frankie has an amazing ability to add perspective to situations to see them realistically and move back on track. I highly recommend Frankie as a life coach, motivator and friend!”
Carol S., Melbourne, Australia




“Frankie made us laugh, and feel good about our work. Her words touched us all – staff, volunteers and fellow patients. Frankie has a wonderful voice to listen to and she knows exactly how to express herself so that everyone feels touched by her words. She is very talented at getting the message across – all with a great sense of humour and honesty.”
Yolanda Bronstiein – St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital, Toronto, Canada



“As a senior executive there are few people you can go to for support when the going gets tough… Frankie’s life coaching helps me put life’s day to day challenges, both personal and professional, in perspective, deal with them in a positive and constructive way, as I work toward achieving the life I want to live.”
Tara Fainstein CEO


“Frankie‘s enthusiasm and dedication to the Community Emergency Response Volunteer program has been a support and encouragement to myself and others. Frankie has embraced every obstacle as a new and challenging opportunity. With the greatest of respect, I am personally motivated by her strength and courage.” Cheryl Jameison- Public Information Officer, Emergency Measures


“About ‘My Shoe’s’ Frankie has been my coach for the past three months and the first thing you’ll notice about her is her delightful, up-beat personality. However, don’t let that fool you because she has a very sharp mind and a down to business, take action-coaching style. If you are looking for someone to help move you towards the next level, I highly recommend you contact her now and get started towards the life you were meant to have.”
Robert B. Herndon Roseville, California

“P.S. If you are a whiner or procrastinator, don’t call Frankie unless you are looking to get that fixed!!!!…lol.”
RH, Roseville, California


“Frankie is a coach that inspires you to create action in your life, she walks the talk ,a privilege to be coached by her.”
Gary Huggins, Entrepreneur Businessman, New Zealand


“Frankie is an awesome coach”
Carole P., England


“Frankie is an AWESOME coach! I like her style; she’s encouraging, enthusiastic and her approach is direct. She keeps my brain busy! Because of my coaching experience with Frankie, I am well on my way to becoming an amazing coach!”
Robin Joiner


“Frankie is an insightful coach. She coaches from her inner being so that she is tuned in to what I don’t see happening but feel is happening. As I share with her what I am observing about myself and how it relates to my goals she shares insights that illuminate and put into words the deeper feeling that had been stumping me. As a result of verbalizing this I often feel released to align my direction with my values more effectively. As a Coach I am good at using my inner eyes for others but it is quite another thing to do it objectively for myself. Frankie has helped me to see who I am and how I serve people when I don’t see it for myself; making me a better more effective coach. In her flexibility she created for me an environment that allowed me to focus on personal discovery rather than on tasks and agendas.
Sarita, British Columbia


I really admire Frankie’s hands on approach. She went straight to the matter of things: get in action! No argues. So I did and that was exactly what I needed. No more whining and thinking about it but a pro-active attitude. It really helped me she was so on top of things and also her input: delivering while I didn’t even ask for it.
She gave me the insight that I am a great coach, as long as I follow my intuition. What hit me was that not everything has to be perfect: The perfectionist in me is holding me back. I just have to tell myself: stop this is good enough. I see clearly now that wanting to be perfect is draining me and is just another form of procrastination.
If you need somebody to keep you focused, I highly recommend Frankie Picasso.”
Peggy Saman, The Netherlands



“From my partnership with Frankie I learned that I might succeed without coaching, but I will succeed with it! I learned that change begins with a decision, grows with commitment and occurs with action. I learned that competence is gained one domain at a time and that limits are imaginary. And lastly, I learned that it is not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that counts. I am privileged to be able to count Frankie among my who!”
Val- Personal Life coach, Utah


“At a time when I was somewhat stuck in my business life, Frankie listened a little bit beyond my description of where I was and where I wanted to be and helped and pushed me to me formulate my next steps. I had been suspecting what those steps would be, but with her I clarified and developed them and then went out and took them. Now I’m reenergized and back on my way.”
Dr. Michael Galvin