Motivational Speaking

Frankie is in hot pink jacket

Frankie offers high energy keynotes speeches and workshops based on the lessons she learned about determination, passion, spirituality and the importance of living one’s life in integrity despite the pain she suffers from her multiple injuries sustained during a horrific motorcycle accident.

She also continues to inspire organizations about the importance of Customer Service, Quality Service and Organizational Wellness. If you are an organization or group wishing to align your vision and values with the power of Positive thinking then please contact Frankie and she will be happy to customize a speech or workshop for your individual needs.

“Frankie has been a great influence on our staff. She has spoken on a number of occasions, telling staff how their dedication and focus on healing helped her to rebuild her life. The positive reinforcement of their patient focused attitude has helped the staff to continue to work with patients to help them reach their goals.” Malcolm Moffat – CIO St. Johns Rehabilitation Hospital .Toronto,..Canada

Frankie‘s enthusiasm and dedication to the Community Emergency Response Volunteer program has been a support and encouragement to myself and others. Frankie has embraced every obstacle as a new and challenging opportunity. With the greatest of respect, I am personally motivated by her strength and courage. www.city.brampton.on.ca Cheryl Jameison- Public Information Officer, Emergency Measures – City of Brampton

A natural communicator, Frankie is not only a gifted listener, but an inspirational speaker. Frankie demonstrates courage, honesty and leadership through her words. A powerful spirit. A powerful woman. Never one to back down from adventure, Never one to back away from challenge, Never one to stop believing. Frankie captures her audience with her energy .. it’s captivating, intriguing and powerful. You listen when Frankie speaks and leave the conversation wanting more … Danielle “Diva” Vandale…


“2003 – Graduate member, Frankie Picasso, took the stage and recognized the strengths of the volunteers, and the support of the Emergency Measures Office. Her words of encouragement rang well with those present, and served to encourage the Emergency Measures Office to continue to provide a comprehensive and structured Emergency Preparedness Program to the residents of the City of Brampton.”
Cheryl Jamieson