Social Impact Activist

What is Social Impact? Social Impact has been described as “A significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.”

I believe that one person can make a difference, but a whole lot of peoples, can really affect change.

These days I am  involved in campaigning to have BREED SPECIFIC laws expunged everywhere they are put in place because they are grossly unfair to the dogs and families who love them. What is a PITBULL anyway? Any bull dog? A Dog that looks like it MIGHT be a pitbull? My son’s dog Rocket was tagged as a pitbull. He is a lab and boxer cross. Is he a pittie?  If you would like to learn more about this effort visit. 

I love the idea that my paintings not only bring joy to those who receive them, but that they keep on giving to people  I may never know.

There are so many Rescues, Shelters, and non-profit organizations out there that it can sometimes be difficult to choose who to give your hard earned money too, but. I have found that when I lead with my heart, any choice I make will be the right choice.

Meet Apache. He is just one of the eight Donkeys I sponsor at the Donkey Sanctuary near Guelph, Ontario.

Apache lives at the Donkey Sanctuary

  • For a few years now, I have donated proceeds from the sale of my paintings to various social causes like Cleft Palate Surgery for Children, through Mercy Ships Canada, to sponsoring Donkey’s at the Donkey Sanctuary.
  • It’s pretty amazing what the Surgeons on board The African Mercy of Mercy Ships Canada can pull off in an hour. In my heart, I believe that Cleft Palate surgery really gives the most bang for the buck. It costs 250.00 but what an incredible life changing event that is for both mother and child.
  • Elephants weren’t designed to live in Captivity, and they especially aren’t designed to live alone. They live in Herds and are social animals. So many animals live in Captivity and they definitely need rescuing. We help where we can. A Good place to start might be with  ZooCheck to see who they are campaigning for around the world. I also love  ES Revenge

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