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UFP the Interviewer

I invite you to read the comments that many of the folks I have interviewed were compelled to send me after the show. I am humbled and grateful for their comments and thrilled that they had a GREAT experience….with love..frankie


As the Founder & Chairman of BNI, I do hundreds of interviews a year.  That said, being a guest on Frankie Picasso’s show was one of the most enjoyable interviewing experiences I’ve had yet.  Not only was Frankie engaging and prepared, but she makes a guest feel comfortable and she gave me a great opportunity to go into detail regarding my subject of expertise.  It was a genuine pleasure doing the interview.”

Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI


“As someone who does radio and TV guest appearances, I’ve met a lot of talk show hosts and other media people. Most of them are talented and hard-working people, and very good at what they do. But until I was a guest on Frankie Picasso’s show, I had never encountered someone who impressed me as much on the personal level as on the professional one.

“From the moment we began talking, I felt I was having a relaxed-but-intelligent conversation with a long-lost friend. With her diverse and remarkable background, Frankie has a way of putting people at ease and drawing out the best in them. She has an instinctive sense of when to talk, when to listen, when to be serious, and when to be funny. And unlike some other radio hosts, Frankie seemed to know that the show was supposed to be about the guest, not about her.

“My guess is that Frankie brings the same skills, the same commitment, the same humanity to her work as a coach. She is clearly a woman with a passion for life and a passion for client service. I know now why they call her “Unstoppable”, and I would think that anyone who works with her as a client will quickly be inspired to be unstoppable, as well”.

Jim Duzak Attorney at Love

Author Mid-life Divorce- The Rebirth of Commitment


Thank you Frankie,

You are THE BEST interviewer, I have ever spoken to. That is not an exaggeration. It is a fact! You knew my book better than any other interviewer I’ve ever had and I’ve been on dozens and dozens of radio shows. Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing the podcast with my newsletter list, friends and relatives.


David M. Jacobson, MSW, LCSW

President: Humor Horizons

Manager: Social Work Dept.

University Medical Center

Tucson, AZ


Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to be interviewed by Frankie Picasso on her blog talk radio show “Mission Unstoppable”. The key word here is “blessed”. Blessed because the experience, which as I found out just seconds into the interview as Ms. Picasso took control and put me at ease. She revealed her experience and skill as an interviewer with a truly compassionate, comforting, friendly and entertaining demeanor. I had the best time. I don’t think I ever enjoyed sharing my real life story regarding the disruption, destruction and rebuilding of my life after its disruption by multiple sclerosis with such fervor.

Frankie’s premise for her show “Mission Unstoppable” is fantastic. In her own words she states that her show is about “people who make us feel better just for knowing about them! People who have been able to put faith in a higher power to accomplish their goals dreams and desires. People who despite depression failure or pain remained positive in the face of adversity, disappointments and duress. Guests who inspire and motivate us to do the same. People who make us feel better just from knowing about them”.

People just like Frankie Picasso herself! Frankie is an individual who lives with and who has endured and overcome her own hardship, while inspiring__ motivating and showing us how to do the same.

Thanks for a great experience and God bless,
Chris Tatevosian- Author of  Life Interrupted- It’s Not All About Me


I’ve done a lot of radio and TV shows in my day, but appearing on Frankie’s show was a truly stand-out experience for me. Frankie is rare, and special, because she pours herself into the moment when she is on air AND because she has so clearly poured herself into the research and preparation before the show. From the systematized and clear information-gathering upfront, to her instructions on what and how to send what, to the way it is so clear that she has done her homework and really crawled inside the experience of the interviewee, Frankie is a true star, who knows how to make others look and feel like stars too. But that is just the beginning. I think there is something else about Frankie that is so ALIVE on air–she is somehow fully present while able to think three steps ahead. She can steer the interview but always, it seems, in a manner that honors the guest and remains responsive to them. Her questions are living, breathing, in-the-moment responses, reactions, and insights that turn a simple interview into a real experience for the listeners. She is vibrant, alive, ship-smart, and dedicated in a way that makes her, truly, a stand-out in her field. I can honestly say that of all the TV and radio and print interviews I have done, this was the one from which I emerged feeling like, “Wow….she totally gets what an interview is all about, and she totally gets me. And she has found a way to share “me” that deeply resonates with what I believe myself to be all about.” It’s a great feeling!

Anna Huckabee Tull

Founder, CEO

Custom Crafted Songs



“Frankie Picasso is unstoppable!  Her passion and determination is evident in all of her work.  It was great to be a guest on Frankie’s radio show, she was fun and easy to talk to and truly honored me as her guest. Together we delivered a great show! Thanks Frankie!”


Carol Tuttle

Best-Selling Author & Speaker


Frankie Picasso’s energy is simply contagious. She is one of those rare radio hosts who has the ability to connect with listeners and with her guest expert. It was a pleasure being interviewed by Frankie. Her level of prepredness and her knowledge of both my book and message were rather astounding. Truly, the “unstoppable” Frankie Picasso.

Rivkah Roth DO DNM®, natural medicine professional and author of “At Risk? Avoid Diabetes by Recognizing Early Risk” and the DIABETES-Series Little Books


“Frankie Picasso was a guest on my show, The Sheila Show. She is a great guest and never at a loss for words. Her new book Midlife Mojo I found to be right on. She has a charismatic personality and I will recommend her book to anyone going through a tough time. I can’t wait to have her on again!” Sheila Gale, host of The Sheila Show on KRXA


“I was so impressed at your preparation for the show today. Thank you so much for being so insightful and using examples from my book. Not all of the hosts do that and it was a pleasure to be on your show. I can’t wait to be on your show again.” Kirk Wilkinson, Speaker, Coach Inspirational, Dynamic, Motivating, and author of The Happiness Factor


“Frankie Picasso’s professionalism is obvious in the thorough research and careful scrutiny she gives to her guests, their background and books. A writer herself, she has a real appreciation for and genuine understanding of a writer’s process. Her enthusiasm and warmth are contagious and the interview becomes a wonderful conversation that at its core adds up to a whole lot of fun!” author Jean Davies Okimoto– The Love Ceiling


“I want to thank you again for introducing me to your authors, Judith & Jim, Lorraine Edey, and Frankie Picasso. They have been delightful and exceptional guests on my weekly program.” H. Les Brown, host of Midlife Matters

Dear Frankie, Thank you so much for the opportunity to be on your show last night.  Your online presence is so polished and professional and you are a wonderful talk show host. -Latayne Scott- award winning author and  recipient of Pepperdine University’s Distinguished Christian Service Award for Creative Christian Writing,


“I really enjoyed my interview with Frankie Picasso. Frankie took the time to read and absorb my book before the interview, she sent me clear instructions and requirements with plenty of time to meet them, she was flexible when I needed to change the date, and her comments and questions during our hour together were spot-on the pulse of what I had written and what I want to share. There was no woffling, just a series of intelligent questions and useful comments – and I love her ‘obstacles are fun!’ and ‘specialising in the impossible!’ attitude. This lady provides a fabulous role model of responding to challenges creatively and resourcefully. More power to you, Frankie!” – Liliane Grace, author of The Mastery Club and The Champion Series.


“2003 – Graduate member, Frankie Picasso, took the stage and recognized the strengths of the volunteers, and the support of the Emergency Measures Office. Her words of encouragement rang well with those present, and served to encourage the Emergency Measures Office to continue to provide a comprehensive and structured Emergency Preparedness Program to the residents of the City of Brampton.”
Cheryl Jamieson