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 I BARED My CHEST-21 Unstoppable Women Get Naked

What Happens When A Canadian Radio Host gets together with a Nigerian Actress, a Bisexual Jew, a Break-Up Coach, an American Thought Leader, An Indian Men’s Right Activist, A Religious Minister, An African American Brand Strategist, A Brazilian Law Professor, An African Single Mother of 21 Orphans…

What happens when they team up with A Digital Transgender, A Teenage Author, A Divorced Media Queen, A Television Host, A Prolific ‘Lesbian Fiction’ Novelist, A Muslim Singer”, A Money Coach…and a CANCER Ridden South African Political Activist??? sure the list goes on‎…

What do you think really happens when 21 Unstoppable Women get together?

They dig for their VOICES and show the world how BOLD, BRAVE & BALLSY they are.

That no matter where you grew up or what your life experiences have been thus far, you will find a connection to someone or some experience in this book that will give you the FREEDOM to soar.

This is not one of those depressive preachy anthologies. It is not just another Chicken Soup for The Soul or a bunch of Women shouting, “Here Me Roar”.

This is a deep personal conversation between each woman and YOU, as they get NAKED, strip their masks and reveal some of their most intimate secrets on finding their journey to self.

A baring of one’s chest – A vulnerable, yet strong conversation of failure and wins, of family and career, of sex, love, prejudice and romance with money.

This is an honest provocative book – that will remind you that no matter where you come from, or the hand the Universe has dealt you, you can always choose to gift yourself the freedom to be UNSTOPPABLE.




Midlife Mojo

Hi there, my name is The Unstoppable Coach Frankie Picasso and I am a Master Coach Trainer and author of Midlife Mojo.and it is my belief that the so called “midlife crisis” is really a metamorphosis that transforms and transitions us from our socialized self, to our true self, the person we came here to be.

There is no universal purpose in life. Each of us has our own unique path and reason for being here. It is our job to find our ‘calling’ and wake up to our true potential before we transition again through death.

I believe the “Crisis” is a wake up call, intended to help us remember our raison d’etre. For some it’s a gentle tap on the shoulder, for others it an all out shake up of their lives. Many of us sleep so soundly it muffles the Universe’s call.

Some hear it as a whisper, a subtle unrest, a sensation of being uncomfortable, like your world is slightly tilted. You aren’t happy or sad, you just are. For others the call is so loud it drives them to shatter their lives and run amok like a Bull in a China Shop, destroying everything and everyone in their path without intention or thought. Neither is right nor wrong, it just is the way your true self is trying to emerge and make itself known. Once you understand this, you can get down to the business of finding out what it is you want to remember.

Maybe you have experienced a desire for wanderlust and hit the open road in a newly purchased sports car or motorcycle. Perhaps you left your great paying job to play guitar in coffee houses or paint on the beach. You exchanged your wife for a hot chick half your age and half hoped she’d fall for the pool boy so you wouldn’t feel so guilty. When all was said and done though, you still didn’t feel any better. Something was still missing. Right! You didn’t ‘get your Mojo back”.

Why not?

What happened? I will explain it all to you in the book, but first understand this; there is some preparatory work that needs to be done before you advance. Your Life isn’t out there somewhere to find, Life is an inside job and the playing field is in your mind.

I believe the timing of Midlife is divine. We are old enough to know how life works, and have lived enough years to know a lot about ourselves. We are also young enough to learn from past mistakes and we have at least another 20 or 30 years left to make it count for something.

If you find yourself seeking your Purpose, looking for your Passion and wondering ‘what is the meaning of Life’, then chances are you are about to “wake up to your True Self!

Perhaps you woke up one morning realizing that this is your LIFE!!! This is all it will ever be if you don’t BREAK away from it and live your truth. Did you finally come to understand that you will “exist’ out the rest of your days instead of LIVE them? If you find this too depressing to contemplate, don’t worry, I can help you. Midlife Mojo is a prescription for change. I will show you step by step how to change your inside world, so that your outside world will match.

Your MOJO may be s missing, but it’s not LOST!!!

Right now, your flame may be so low you fear it’s gone out, but I promise you it hasn’t. What you are experiencing is just the numbness from years of low self esteem, negative self talk, fear, doubt and any number of other roadblocks to your happiness that have presented themselves in your life.

If this sounds like you then understand that The Universe is calling you. The question is, are you going to answer it?

Some of us get angry, some of us get depressed and some of us throw away our lives in an effort to ‘find’ our missing parts, but there is a better way.

Midlife Mojo, is a “to do” book, a step by step prescription for change that will assist you in finding out your truth. It is designed with you in mind to help you overcome the obstacles that have you trapped within your comfort zone.

Using this book as a guide, you will learn to overcome negative self talk and doubt, you will come out of your comfort zone and take your fears head on

I will teach you about ‘underlying automatic commitments’ or UAC’s so they can no longer sabotage your conscious efforts. I will explain how to rewrite the software of your mind, to eliminate any negative programming that is responsible for distorting your self image and self worth.

Most of all, I will teach you how to CHOOSE the life you want to live, instead of living in Default.

The purpose of life is Joy and once you find it, you will KNOW that you are on the right track.

You will be unstoppable too!


Midlife Mojo- How to get through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as your True Self....was written with YOU  in mind, in order to help you find and connect with your true self whether you are in midlife or not!  If you are someone who wishes to change their life then this is a book for you. It is a prescription for change and while it was written with the boomer in mind, it transcends any age group and has already spanned generations to reach  into the hearts of twenty-somethings looking for answers to life’s mysteries  as well as those well into in their 90’s who wished to confirm that you are never too old to change.


REVIEWS of this Book!!!


Blurb! Book Radio with Dr. Kent & Sally

WINNER,This week’s winner: Frankie Picasso (Midlife Mojo).
Bestselling author Sally Shields and publishing guru Dr. Kent host a book show like no other. Each week, via pre-recorded pitches, five authors have a mere three minutes each to convince the critics that theirs is the book worth cracking. If they succeed, they capture the coveted Book of the Week title. That means Sally and Dr. Kent not only review the winning work, but post it prominently on the Blurb! website – and invite its author(s) on their show a for a live pitch to thousands of listeners.


This wonderful little book is pack-filled with instruction, humor and insight as Frankie recounts stories from personal experiences and challenges the reader to take a journey with her on the road to living life to the fullest, to creating the life you always dreamed of having.  This handbook for happiness will undoubtedly change your perspective on how you think about fears or any other kind of obstacle that may stop you from taking risks and keeps you from being 100% true to yourself.  The journey will stay with you long after you turn the last page and that is a testament to the truth and profound, yet gentle wisdom that Frankie shares with her reader; it’s like having one of your best friends encouraging your path, always validating and honoring your true self along the way.  I plan to keep this guide to happiness close to me always, definitely meant to be in the backpack rather than on the shelf! Wendy Allyn– professional songwriter/singer




Midlife Mojo is an awesome book for people of all ages-Reading Frankie Picasso’s book “Midlife Mojo” has helped me in so many ways. It is not a book just for middle-aged people… all ages can benefit from the exercises and information. After reading it I felt so motivated and inspired to go after exactly what I wanted and settle for nothing less. She really helped me analyze why certain things were the way they were and how I could change them for the better. Not only do you gain such a positive perspective after the read, the way she writes makes you feel like she’s already your friend. Where other self-help books fail, Frankie succeeds and doesn’t just leave you hanging. I actually got goosebumps a few times during certain chapters. This is a truly remarkable women who really undertands the human condition.
John Collin
Professional Drummer


book review– Richard Street


Probably the concept of midlife crisis emanates from the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who believed that the midlife integration of thinking, sensation, feeling an intuition could perhaps lead to some confusion about one’s life to date and one’s goals. Although, popular western culture seems to devote considerable ink to the subject matter than serious research, there still may be some theoretical constructs that shore up the concept in a different light.Frankie Picasso, author of Midlife Mojo: How to get through the midlife crisis and emerge as your true self is a professional Certified Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer. In the Prologue to her book she states that probably some of us have questioned our life asking why we are here, what is our purpose in life and is that all there is to life. Although, asking such questions does not necessarily entail a crisis it does give us an opportunity for re-evaluation or reinvention. Most individuals do experience achievement and satisfaction in midlife, however, there is a certain percentage of our population where the passage may not be as smooth.

In all likelihood, these are folks who experience considerable discontent with their lives and hunt for more. They may find their jobs mind-numbing, they may feel a transformation in their bodies, they may be quite comfortable in indecision, their values may radically change, after enjoying many years of a life of happiness, they may ponder over their mortality, they suddenly find themselves discontent, and the one that is very often in plain sight is when they become adventurous and toss out their spouses for some bimbo or jock and purchase an expensive fancy car. These feelings at midlife can occur naturally, or they can be a result of some external factors.

And here is where this excellent guidebook comes in handy with an important author’s caveat, “the book will suit those who lean towards concrete constructs, pragmatic problem solving, and strategic planning.” In other words, if you are only going to passively read the text without keeping an open mind or participating in the many exercises, then forget about purchasing it, you will be throwing away good money. Each of the exercises will definitely work on their own, but as Picasso states, together they become strong magic or mojo.

The book begins with a general overview and a series of questions as to what do we already have that someone else might wish they had, what would you change in your life to make yourself happy, eg. your job, spouse, where you live, your friends, what is the one thing or one person you spend the most time thinking about, and what is the one thing you want more than anything in life. These questions serve as recurring themes throughout the book as Picasso sinks her teeth into finding solutions. Furthermore, she demonstrates how many of these transformations or metamorphosis can be easily implemented. Nonetheless, as she points out, doing nothing is just as much a choice as doing something or “living in default may be your choix de jour, but it is not a choice that will bring you any joy or that you need to stay with.”

The remaining chapters of the book teach us how to implement Picasso’s formula for success that she bases on the following underlying principles: “Think, Feel, Be, Act & Do.” In other words: “Think about what it is you want to do. Feel the state. Be the emotion. Act as if you are already successful and then Do it for real.” Picasso gives herself the name “the unstoppable coach,” and her many years of experience at motivating others is highly visible throughout the book as she hammers home that failure is not an option. Her liveliness, exuberance and breadth of information does well in engaging her readers and will certainly appeal to those who are looking for a way out of their mundane and unsatisfactory life styles. Picasso’s writing is simple, light, with a sense of humor and modesty. Refreshingly, it is devoid of being cathartic-something not often seen in self-help books. In addition, she displays remarkable insight in how to deal with the harsh elements that are prevalent in midlife crisis that wrestle some people to the ground.

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor Bookpleasures


I’ll start off to say i am only 22 and have yet to experience my midlife crisis! Butt reading frankie’s book helped me understand my dad’s more! When my dad hit his 40’s out of no where he realized what he had in his life wasn’t what he wanted…he left for another woman who was also married.My mom and him had been together since they were 15.It broke my heart,and i never understood how someone could do that. When i read Midlife mojo it opened my eyes a bit more and helped me understand, (NOT sayinig by any means my dad had any right to do what he did),but i understand now that it didnt have to do with us. It helped me so thank you.  Jenn Harnum


Midlife Mojo is a blueprint of life.At some point in your existence, you begin to ponder such things as your purpose for being here and the direction you’re going. Frankie Picasso guides you through this process with ease and wonderment.

The book is constructed, step by step, to ease you into a new frame of mind. Peace of mind and fulfillment of the soul can be realized through this life-altering process.

I bumbled through my midlife moment many moons ago through trial and error and two steps forward and one step back. If I had Midlife Mojo to guide me through the process it would have been a much shorter, more pleasant journey.

Terrific book. It will bring out the real you.   Bret Burquest – award winning columnist and author of  The 11th Sage, The Dogman of Topanga . and more
I  thought Midlife Mojo would be an afternoon on the bed but it turned out to be more than that. Much much more. It was a good kick up the butt and a good reminder of things forgotten. Thank you so much. Let me share.
I have to get going on the gift of self image … I have a serious contract with my underlying automatic commitment: My contract is that I don’t deserve anything and that everyone else needs to be taken care of. Real work needs to be done on that and I have to sort out a commitment with ME.
My self image is shot to hell. So … I have to sort out things in a big hurry otherwise I will never write this book and I will never be the sexy woman I am.
This was a real wake up call. You have given me the coaching of my LIFE.
Today I am going to be writing out my stuff, my 21 day plan … and getting on with my new ME. Thank you so much. I don’t know what else to say about MIDLIFE MOJO. I think what it has done for me says it all. It shook the hell out of me because it woke me up to some home truths. You can’t save the world if you don’t take care of yourself. – Dianne Lang, Author  of Saving Mandela’s Children and Human Rights Activist



No Bull Allowed

The Love Wranglers – Frankie Picasso and Kelly Wallace Ropin‘ in love is what these gals do best and you’ll see why when you read No Bull Allowed! How To Lose The Losers And Lasso In Love. These ladies take the needle out of the haystack when it comes to finding the secrets of lasting love. They generously share their knowledge and experiences, showing women how to be successful at one of life’s most desired goals—finding true love. Kelly and Frankie have been intuitive counselors and relationship coaches/consultants for more than three decades between them, and are both published authors who know that when it comes to love everyone wants to hit a bulls-eye! After four divorces and dozens of failed relationships, these life and relationship experts know what it takes to attract the best person, make love fabulous and make it last. They freely give their no-bull advice, fun ideas, and the kick in the pants you need to attract and keep your cowboy. Realizing that there has been a lot of heartache poured out in songs over the years, these two relationship-savvy gals decided to take a healthy handful of their favorite love song titles and themes then opened the gates and let their guidance run wild. Throughout the book they provide expert guidance, as well as their personal experiences, and many “Boot the Bull” tips and tricks they’re famous for. These are effective exercises that will help you exchange your old habits for new and positive actions that will soon have you roping in the love of a lifetime.

” “No Bull Allowed! How To Lose The Losers And Lasso In Love has a humorous, Western flair and centers on topics such as infidelity, boredom, confidence, loneliness, dating and marriage. They tackle their subjects, even the most delicate, with wit, wisdom, and a no-nonsense approach that will empower you to take action.” – Diane P. “Not your ordinary relationship book! Frankie and Kelly set out to strip away the excuses you may have buried yourself under and get you to face your inner villains head-on. Knowledge is power and these ladies won’t rest until they’ve taught every dissatisfied female how to create the love she’s always dreamed of—with her partner and herself.” – Jessica L.- Diane P. “Not your ordinary relationship book! Frankie and Kelly set out to strip away the excuses you may have buried yourself under and get you to face your inner villains head-on. Knowledge is power and these ladies won’t rest until they’ve taught every dissatisfied female how to create the love she’s always dreamed of—with her partner and herself.” – Jessica L