Who am I? Musings in 2018

Hi I am Frankie Picasso. This  morning I was thinking about who I am and what if anything I have to say? What is my value proposition. What is it I do well!  This is what came out of those musings.

I am a champion for change and a social impact entrepreneur, and a solution strategist. I have come to learn that while change happens best in chaos all anyone ever wants is to be is free of pain and to find a positive solution to their problems.
This is where I come in as a Coach, Radio Host, Author and Social Impact Artist. I am very good at finding ways to weave social impact into everything I do,

There’s a saying that states, “ God helps those who help themselves” and I like to take that a bit further and say, “ when you Help others, you are also helping yourself.
Whether you believe in God, a higher power or nothing at all, the truth is, when you think of others instead of yourself, there is a quantifiable elevated Improvement in mood.
I love that I’m able to show those around me  a different reality. One where being Unstoppable really means finding solutions to our problems, and trust me, we can always find a solution. It may come down to a wild brainstorming session of intense creativity blended with “You can do that”? But we will find a Solution.?

There are as many problems in the world needing attention as there are people. so whether you have a love of animals, environmental issues, or wish to address food scarcity, you can be successful in business and STILL wear your heart on your sleeve.

Frankie Picasso…


Show them a different reality in business is possible. I love being able to offer a positive solution for our Worlds problem, that also helpmour own. s.  our Wolsocial impact and how they can turn a profit And STILL do Good things in the world is a real blessing and gift for me.

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