Coach Frankie

\What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.”Theodore Roethke.

Hi, my name is Frankie Picasso, and I am The Unstoppable Coach. I Specialize in the Impossible.

]I am a Champion for Change, a Solution Specialist and I assist folks like you to turn your impossible dreams, goals and desires into Unstoppable outcomes!

You know the saying “Please, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”?  Well if you are working with me, you are surely going to get it!

Did You know,  the dictionary claims that the only difference between impossible and unstoppable is one little word and that word is “Seems”
The dictionary states that things that are Impossible ‘seem’ to be incapable of being attained, whereas things that are Unstoppable are incapable of being ‘stopped’!  Are you Ready to go on  Mission Unstoppable with me

As a Solution Specialist I specialize in:





Obstacles, problems, impediments, blockages, barriers, complications! No one likes them but we have all experienced them at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes they even define us.

Take me for instance. I am the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, a Solution Specialist. If it wasn’t for obstacles, I wouldn’t be Unstoppable, nor would I specialize in the Impossible.

What do you do when you encounter a problem?  Are you as likely to give up as get through it? Depends on how difficult it is?

Have you ever experienced a problem that at first didn’t seem like such a big deal, but the longer you tackled it for, the more it grew in significance?

Perhaps your problem is more like the proverbial wheel and your business/life/relationships have become entrenched in thick gooey mud. You are positive that nothing short of a team of mules will be able to pull you out from under, however, you don’t have a team of mules at your disposal. So how will you get your cart out and move on? It’s a reasonable question. Have you thought of an alternative answer? Questions are the beginning to problem solving, however, it is solutions that unlock the door.

I believe that too often we bring limited thinking and negativity to problem solving. There is always a solution but sometimes finding one calls for a bit more effort, knowledge and creative thinking than we are willing or able to expend.

So, tell me, what is going on with you right now?

Are the little things starting to become significant and big? Are the dominoes falling and affecting other areas of your life?

Have you been tearing your hair out in frustration over a problem? Do you find yourself popping Tylenol like candy to subdue the constant headache you have from thinking too hard?
Are you chasing your tail and going nowhere?

If you are stuck on a problem, experiencing creative drought or feeling overwhelmed by a situation in either your business, personal life or both, then it’s time to call in the Solution Specialist!

<Entrepreneurs–  do you want to start a business or have a business but find your idea falling short of your expectations? You need to call the Solution Specialist.

< Have a great service or product but find something is still missing from the equation? You need to call the Solution Specialist.

<Are you lacking a unique selling proposal and can’t find your edge? You need to call the Solution Specialist.

<Having difficulty seeing alternative choices or doubting your ability to make good business decisions, then you need to call the Solution Specialist.

<Trapped in a bad Relationship or want to make the one you are better but don’t know how?

<Stuck in a dead end  Job but don’t see a discernable way out? No PROBLEM!

 I DO have a Solution for you and if you decide to call me, it is only seconds away.

Many folks see obstacles as Giant roadblocks to happiness and future success. They very well might be right if you allow those Roadblocks to stop you. Why don’t you take a quick detour and call a Solution specialist? I invite you to change your perspective for a moment and position them as I do, as a personal challenge and opportunity for personal growth.

I can guarantee that together we will find a workable solution for you, however, the choice to use it will always remain yours.

When you Need answers fast about business, dating/relationships, or you are experiencing a personal crisis, I offer intuitive, precise and laser speed solutions, JUST IN TIME!

Honestly, there is nothing I enjoy more than taking the two most insidious words in the English language  ‘I CAN’T’ out of your vocabulary and replacing them with a resounding ‘I CAN”. I don’t know why they are even allowed to be said! 🙂

Do you know how powerful it is to believe in yourself? Wow, this action alone is enough to ensure your success. When you believe that something is possible, it Is!  Learn to cultivate, Commitment, Focus and Faith. Most folks ‘try’ to do something, but I say trying is lying. Trying is a back door out you give to yourself, a FREE PASS  to fail. Is that what you want? NO!!!

If you really want achieve success, then failure must not be a  part of your vocabulary or your visioning. Always picture yourself as a success. Even when things don’t turn  out as you hoped, that is not a failure. It is a learning opportunity for you. It is another way to show you how something doesn’t work. That’s good, it’s ok. You are still good to come back another day and do it over. Use that clue or insight to help you figure it out.

Inside us are clues too. Sometimes when we don’t get what we want it is because we have something blocking us.  These blockages are called Underlying Automatic Commitments, ( or UAC’s), and UAC’s can be buried so deep in your subconscious that you may not even be aware of their existence. I can help you detect your UAC and move you forward in no time.  Think of your UAC as your default setting. When you get upset, what is the first thing you do? Hit something, buy a chocolate bar? If this is the case, then your default is set to buy chocolate. We can work together to change your setting to something that is more positive and good for you.

I have been told that I am lucky. I disagree. You make your own luck in this world. I am no different from you in any way other than the fact that I believe in myself, I understand the word commitment, and I know how to be unstoppable.

There I said it! Now you don’t need me. My secret is out!!

There is nothing stronger than one’s own belief.
What do you believe in?

I have developed a winning program designed to assist you in developing your own Unstoppable Muscles so that you too can achieve your impossible dreams, goals and desires. I know that Together, we will fulfill your personal Mission Unstoppable.

My unique program is designed to put you into action quickly all the while moving you forward towards your impossible dream.

Please ask yourself this, “Will it be Mission Impossible, Mission Improbable or Mission Unstoppable?
Which is more likely to bring you to a successful fruition?

If you chose Mission Unstoppable, then you are already one step closer to fulfilling your purpose.
Can you imagine what it will feel like, look like, taste like to actually turn your impossible dream into reality? I sure can! I have done it many times.

Your past is not your potential, for potential has no bounds. Choose to break Free from your self imposed limits. Use your imagination to create a life of Endless possibility. Experience your magnificence first hand.” …Frankie Picasso

Don’t worry, the reason I am your Coach is because my belief is stronger than your doubt. For the next little while, I will be the FAITH you need to move forward. Soon, you will have learned to fill up your own cup.

The beauty about the modality of coaching is that it is NOT therapy. We want to go forward not backwards and so CHANGE can happen in a nano-second. I have witnessed this time and again and it’s like witnessing a miracle each and every time.


I have a very limited private coaching practice. I only take a few individuals a month. If you would like to work with me one on one, please email me at  with a short summary of what you are looking to accomplish.