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Dear Villagers, Did you know that there are villages in Africa where the children are raised by the entire village.  Everyone is accountable and responsible for the upbringing of the children who reside there, no matter if you have children or not. Isn’t that a fantastic concept?

Imagine a world where we each look after one another. Think about this for a moment. All a child need do, is turn to the nearest person and know that they will receive the same love and attention that they would get from their own parent. This is true love! It gives “love thy neighbour” real meaning.

I was very fortunate to have experienced a neighborhood like this when my children were very young. Every mother who lived on this block looked out for the welfare of a child, whether it was theirs or not. They fed them, disciplined them and cuddled them as need be. This was an amazing experience, and one I have yet to see duplicated.

I find the idea of the “Village” looking after it’s own so appealing , that I would like to embrace this concept and make this website our Village.  I am formally extending an invitation to you to take up residency here and in doing so, will be ready and able to assist other “villagers” should the need present itself.

Welcome Home , Your Village Awaits you.

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